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Benefits of joining our online squad...

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You can train anywhere in the world in my Online Running Squad. Get guided and specific coaching for your next running event. Weekly checkins from the coach and availability to answer all your questions. Bonus High Intensity sessions for Sydney residents.


If you've got questions about your next race, chances are I've run it or coached someone who has. I'm here to guide you through the preparation, the all important race day and post-race recovery. Specific race plans and coach calls in race week to ease nerves. 


Regardless of your event or training availability, I'm here to guide you through with simplified chat that cuts through the clutter and isn't pushing an agenda. As mentioned, my advice is based on real running experience so it definitely aid your performance. 

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Get started into structured long distance training with my FREE '30 Days to 10k' Training Programs...

What stage are you at?

Just want to see what it's all about? Keen to start training? Hoping to run a PB in your next race?


Starting out?

Have you got a marathon or half marathon in mind, hit up my FREE '30 Days to 10k' Training Programs. This is the best place to start, think about it like a free first month or trial period. 


You want to Race? 

It might be your first time or you might have done a few races before. Whether it's 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon, we can sort you out with a great training program. 


seasoned Campaigner chasing a PB?

This is the real deal. You're chasing your best ever time. Get into my personalised race mentoring program. You get the program plus the coaching. Week-by-week along your journey, I'm here to guide you all the way. 

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Tips to optimise your running training schedule.

Improve your running and race like a champion

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Whatever stage you're at with your running this is the right place for you. We can get you started in our '30 Days to 10k' Training Program before graduating to our Online Running Squad. If you've already got some runs on the board (literally) you can dive right in to some serious and specific training for your next event. Click the button below to have a look at our training options. 

Bowes Fitness Online Running Squad

Take a look at our training options, click below...

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