January 30

The Big Swim… Big Results


The Big Swim

Well I’m here to tell you that Australia Day is over and with it goes the holiday attitude that seems to captivate people during the month of January. After all ‘n’ sundry said they would, 6 of the Bondi boys made the sojourn up to Palm Beach to take on the the 2.5km (turned out to be 2.8) epic across two beaches and around a jagged rocky outcrop. This swim was real Robinson Crusoe. Simon Nothling lit up the place, finishing 3rd in his division. While team firebrand Carlo ‘Monna’ Monaghan edged out Daniel Farley to finish 9th and 10th respectively in 25-19 age group. The ‘Excitable’ Adam Franklin and ‘Tough’ Thomas Hannam, fresh out of hip surgery stood tall and saw out the journey in style, while I was at the rear.


Simon Nothling  34:49 (3), Carlo Monaghan 41:42 (9), Dan Farley 41:44 (10), Adam Franklin (43:26), Tom Hannam 43:58, Sean Bowes 50:19.

Hats off to Dan Farley for the anti-fog. That stuff is brilliant. It helps so much when you can see.



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