October 23

“Rubbing’s Racing” – Craig Mottram


Down But Not Out

This famous quote is also from the early 1990’s cult classic movie Days of Thunder. When Craig ‘Buster’ Mottram used this to describe how he had been tripped in the final of the Commonwealth Games 1500m in 2006, an event that he was favoured to win, it symbolised the capacity that a true champion has to move on quickly from adversity or unfortunate circumstances. The ability to learn from disappointment and move on fast is the mark of the true champion. I love Lady Macbeth’s words in Shakespeare’s Macbeth of  “what’s done is done,” the important thing is to focus on factors that still in your control, now and into the future. Similarly, last week when Gai Waterhouse was questioned about the dubiously heavy handicap handed to her horse Glencadum Gold in the Caulfield Cup she replied simply, “If you don’t like it, don’t run them.” With these simple quotes it’s easy to get fired up about future events and the limitless possibilities of training and competition. There’s always will be wet or windy days that are less than perfect for training or racing but I can’t imagine ‘Buster’ or Gai staying home and looking through the screen door thinking – “oh fuck it.” Like I always say, “If you keep going in the chook raffle, eventually you’re going to win one.”


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