January 20

Friday Duathlon: Hidden Stars Emerge


Consistency pays off.

Beautiful conditions were on hand to welcome yet another Friday morning Duathlon at North Bondi held by Bowes Fitness. Sand running and ocean swimming around the now famous ‘Orange’ buoy proved a solid whole body workout for every punter.

The most exciting discoveries of the day was the emergence of 2 power swimmers who swept to the lead and were never headed. Bowes Fitness’ most consistent ‘new kid on the block’ Charlotte Juhasz and Carlos ‘Monna’Monaghan dominated the event with strong swim legs that made other warriors look rock-like in the water. Hats off to a great effort and watch out for them in future events.

The Champ is here.

Sidenote: The newly painted high vis orange buoyis yet another symbol of Bowes Fitness. If you see it floating in the water at North Bondi you know we are there. Come and have a swim – Fridays during summer.

A determined Simon O.


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