June 19

Aiming High, Running To Win


Running For Youngcare
Running For Youngcare


I’m always asking people to aim high but you’ve got to admit that it takes courage to really go for your dream. To set a goal high enough that you are not even sure if it’s possible but you have a crack at it anyway. Sometimes falling short of something great is better than achieving something that is just good.


This week we (my team and I) are aiming high and I’m asking for your help…


A few months ago my brother and I decided that we would enter a team in the Gold Cost Marathon Festival. All told, we’ve got around 15 runners that will line up across the 5km, 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon events.


The ‘Bowes Fitness/Apollo Property Group’ Marathon Team is the quintessential come-one-come-all team of ‘go-getters.’ Not all of us are runners, some of us are racing for skins, while others are making their road racing debut. However, there’s one common goal, at Gold Coast we are racing for and representing the magnificent charity of Youngcare.


“For those of you who don’t know much about Youngcare there is currently over  7,500 young Australians living in aged care – simply because there are very limited alternatives (National Disability Agreement 2010). In addition, a further 700,000 are being cared for at home by family and friends, often with limited support (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2007).


Being young is about having a lifetime ahead of you, yet aged care is designed for someone who is at the end of their life. The realities of aged care mean a young person will share a residence where the average age is 83 and the average life expectancy is just three years. More importantly, in most cases, their specific care needs will not be met and differ greatly to those of the elderly residents.”

We are aiming high and running to win. Our dream is to raise $10,000. With the generous donations of our friends and colleagues we have raised over $6,000 already. The support has been incredible. The generosity of some people is astounding.


I understand that it feels like everyone is always asking for money. During this fundraising quest I quickly realised how much work it must take to really get a charity going. It’s unbelievable. This little push is something that I can do to help the real legends who make this massive operation work and ultimately help the beneficiaries of the program.

We’ve achieved a massive total already in raising over $6k, if you can help us raise any more money it would be greatly appreciated. To support us hit the link below and watch us run to win.


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