Road running = big volume + more sessions. My tips to handle the work load.

Winter road running is now upon us and with it comes extra miles on hard surfaces that present a challenge for runners in more ways than one. Leading up to Gold Coast Marathon and Half on 1 July, several Bowes Fitness Online Running Squad charges are training valiantly their chosen distance. This week, runners on my 12 Week Gold Coast Training Programs are grinding through Week 5, … [Read more...]

LA Marathon feedback and training solutions

It’s a good week, we just had a U.S.-based Bowes Fitness athlete, Blake Rankin compete in the Los Angeles Marathon and finish in the respectable time of 3:04:43. A great effort, on the LA course that has a very challenging back end. The positive feedback from the event, Blake found this regime “the best ever” in terms of suitable preparation in a format that was sustainable. “The variety of … [Read more...]

Work, life, training = The Crunch

I hope this message finds you well, training hard and looking forward with vigour in this early part of the year. February is here, and with it comes the reality of 'Real Life', working a regular schedule, kids back at school, weekend sport, social events... Hold on, what happened to all my holiday plans to stick to a fitness regime this year?Ah yes, the holidays. When you were rested, … [Read more...]

Race anxiety, how to beat it

I wanted to share some pre-race advice I gave today my charge, Dan, who’s taking on the Hong Kong Half Marathon tomorrow (Sunday). He said, “I don’t think the training’s been as solid as it was for New York Marathon (last year), but I’ll just go with it and see what happens.” Part A of this statement is really common for all athletes and how you frame Part B is crucial to your success. Years … [Read more...]

Race pacing. Don’t blow up early. My tips to ‘stay’ all the way.

Hear that? The sounds of stamping feet. Whether it’s due to the excitement of being part of the rush or for fear of being trampled by marauding interlopers, early race speed (or excess of) is hard to avoid. Admittedly, you’re rested, excited, and somewhat anxious about your performance even though the race is but seconds young. It’s natural to get ahead of yourself and overemphasise the need to … [Read more...]

Hill Training. Don’t go up again, down again. How to get it right.

Few things make me darker than people who hate hills. The only thing that makes me darker perhaps, is people who don’t train right for hills. I see it all the time, this up again, down again hills running practice that is good in part but once you adapt to that stimulus you’ll need to increase the load and reduce your rest time. Which becomes impractical for the aforementioned because you’d be … [Read more...]

3-3-3. Method for Motivation. How to start small and go big.

A system for success, a method for motivation, how to kill it like never before… Yeah I know you’ve heard it all before but I read something recently that might really help you out. When it comes to health and fitness, I think a lot of us follow a similar cycle, something like this - go hard, get the shits with it, abandon, (try to) comeback, either succeed or fail. What I want to talk about here … [Read more...]

One and Done! Marathon Bucket Listers, how to get it right first time

Let me guess, you’re a Marathon Bucket Lister, you’re in the grip of a hectic marathon preparation? And like most participants, you’re starting feel a bit ‘over it.’ With blisters on your feet, tight hips, sniffles and missed the last two Friday nights with the boys/girls because you had training early the next morning? (Or instead missed training and not the Friday night? Hey, caaarm on.) You’re … [Read more...]

How To Run Faster With Just One Session A Week

It seems everyone is talking about High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, a the moment. This ‘new’ fad has really taken the fitness world by storm. Well. Not really. HIIT or more simply ‘intervals’ have been around since God was a boy, during the 1880s English distance runner Walter George was using High Intensity Interval Training in preparation for his 4:12 mile (in 1886!!!). Not to … [Read more...]

Reality Check

Warm up It’s 2002, the football season is well underway and my boys, Collingwood are coming off a momentous three-point victory to the previous year’s premier, Brisbane. A Brisbane resident at the time, I scoured The Courier Mail during the week following with gusto as my team appeared to have finally turned the corner and announced themselves as contenders for real. Full of confidence and hope … [Read more...]