January 30

Training Advice: The Greater Good



It’s still early in the year and people are going nuts entering themselves into various races, signing up for training camps, doing diets, etc. Which is red hot! I love when people get fired up to go hard. Though you need to be careful to still observe your body and take the required rest to get maximum value and efficiency out of your training input. There’s a big risk for people who are starting or restarting training to miss training and then go like a maniac trying to make up for it. Sometimes it’s better to let that session go and focus on a quality session the next time you step out. Fewer high quality sessions are better than more rushed, low quality, catch-up sessions. Focus on the greater good. If you can get three good sessions instead of five rubbish ones, do that. Remember that training is only training and you don’t wan’t to show your best there, competition is the day to peak. Don’t get physically and mentally clapped out at training, it’s race day you want to be going like the clappers.



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