January 20

Training Advice: Get Your Glutes (Bum) Going


Bum Exercises
Bum Exercises

A good person that I know has got a bad case of ‘Dickie Knees’ at the moment. Very common for people exercising. The reason for ‘dickie knee’ often originates during running or doing any kind of exercise on the feet, their knees get put under too much pressure because their Glutes (bum muscles) aren’t working hard enough. And to get them to work you need to activate them by doing some specific exercises that target that area. I’m in the same boat, and have paid the price in the same way in the past with cases of ‘dickie knee,’ ‘bung hip’ and ‘crook back’ all because my Glutes were as slack as a broken clothes line. So I’ve developed a good routine that I do about 4 times per week. Check out my video and try this at home (or in public, if you want), it’s beautiful:




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