January 13

Training Advice: Get A Plan


What's The Plan?
Listen to the Plan

I’ve done mine. Have you done yours? What’s the plan? Where are your peaks and troughs in training. See the Ben Cousins article, when do you ‘launch’ and when do you ‘stop buttering your toast?’ It’s the start of the year and you’ve got the new diary, open the cover to see a naked year planner screaming at you to be filled up with events and challenges. Don’t tell me you’re doing the Half Marathon in May and that’s it. Tell me what you are going to do in order to get there. When does training start? How many ‘long runs’ are you going to hit? What ‘bridesmaid’ events lead up to the biggy? Now is the time to start laying out a plan for the year ahead. It can and probably will change but having it written down means it’s more likely to become reality than some pipe dream that disappears faster than a virgin on prom night.


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