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Personalised Training Program - Welcome

Welcome, keep an eye on your inbox.
Expect mail - from me!

What happens now? 

1. I'll get in touch via email to get some information about your running history and goals. 

2. I'll put together your program and email it to you.

3. I'll follow up with a phone call to talk you through the setup and the process of preparing for a race. 

4. You get to work. 

What you can expect from us? 

1. A clearly crafted, easy to understand training regime. 

2. Professional guidance along the journey with weekly email updates and training session briefings.

3. Advice and strategy around preparation races before the 'biggy'. 

4. Tips for race day, how to handle your training and the logistics of getting there on time and in good spirits. 

5. 24/7 email and phone contact to iron out any problems that arise along the way. 

For now?

Sit tight, watch your email inbox and let me get in touch. I know you're excited and keen to start training but we need to do this right. I'll need to put your program together with collaboration from you so please wait and expect mail. 

Want to get in touch

Hit the "Contact Us" button below and get in touch. Communication is our best way to success. 

If you have any questions, hit me up, click below...


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