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What you can expect from us...

  • 100% online coaching
  •  Train anywhere, when it suits you
  • Guided mentorship towards your race or D.I.Y. following the program, choose your level of coaching
  •  Easy to read and understand progressive program that will have you peaking at the right time
  • 24/7 email/phone contact with your coach (me)
  • Technical gait video analysis available on request
  •  Stretch and stretching ideas
  •  Hydration and race nutrition advice
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Practising professional coach

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My story...

  • High school running champion
  • Representative runner 1999
  • Came back to running after boxing career and course of study finished 
  • First Half Marathon - Noosa 2010 1:17 
  • First Marathon - Melbourne 2010 2:36 
  • Marathon Personal Best - Melbourne 2012 2:26
  • Half Marathon Personal Best - SMH Sydney 2013 1:09
  • Completed 8 Marathons
  • Accredited Track and Field Coach - Athletics Australia 
  • Online, personal and squad coach

Your journey...

My charges...

Since 2011, I've train people for races of varying distances all around the world. Each athlete enter with their own unique history and challenge ahead, therefore we structure their training program to suit them and the race they've decided on. Some of the races we've conquered in the past are: 

  • New York Marathon
  • London Marathon
  • Berlin Marathon
  • Gold Coast Marathon and Half 
  • Melbourne Marathon
  • Canberra Marathon and Half 
  • Hong Kong Half Marathon
  • Alpine Marathon Switzerland 
  • Angkor Wat Half Marathon
  • Los Angeles Marathon

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