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City2Surf FREE pre-loading Training Program.

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Your link to my FREE copy of my City2Surf FREE pre-loading Training Program will arrive soon. We're putting the finishing touches on our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced editions of our City2Surf Training Programs 2019.

Who is this for?

1. People with City2Surf on their bucket list or those who want to improve upon previous efforts. This is your best first step. And it's FREE!

2. Those who are still undecided about their plans but want to get fit. This program will build the ideal foundation to continue from.

3. Time poor people who want an efficient training program. You don't have to make any decisions. I'll tell you what to do - and when to do it.

4. People who are out of training ideas. This textured program has enough variation to keep you interested and engaged. 

5. Those who want the real running experience. In this program you'll find ideas from the greatest athletes and coaches ever, watered down to your level. The principles are the same but the workload is less.

Kenya: Learning the secrets.

We'll cover.

1. Long slow distance running. 

2. Interval training. Why it's so versatile, efficient and group friendly. 

3. Tempo running. Touted as the most beneficial of all the workouts. 

4. Rest. Get lots. You need it. 

5. Strength training for runners. How balance and competence of functional movements is key to keeping you on track. 

Running strength: Oh so important.


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