May 30

California Dream


Team U.S.A.: Winning All Day
Team U.S.A.: Winning All Day

It has been a big week abroad for Bowes Fitness. Yet another charge from the U.S.A. has qualified the 2014 Boston Marathon. Lynette Young, has been on a tough online training regimen for the last 3 months leading up to last week’s Mountain2Beach Marathon in California.


We started out with the goal of simply running out a marathon and not dying in the latter stages. As things progressed and times got faster I mentioned that a Boston qualifier could be on the cards. This was a chance to capitalise on the quality work done so far and get a great result out of it.


A Boston qualifier had become our dream.


The qualifying standard was sub-3:35:00. Lynette came home just ahead of schedule in 3:33:31. You’ve gotta be happy with that specificity. That is a massive run! I should also point out the Lynette is also mentored by my assistant coach in the U.S.A. Blake Rankin (man of many talents) who also deserves my praise.


We are on a roll in the U.S.A.


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