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I'm really happy you've chosen to use my training program to prepare your upcoming Half Marathon. And... it's a biggie so we better get right to it! Over the next 12 weeks I'm going to steer you to a memorable half marathon performance. 


It starts with belief. And it's encouraging that you've taken the first step and enlisted the guidance of a coach. This is a sure fire way to make your training efficient and productive because I've made all the mistakes already and I can tell you what to do and what to avoid. 

Ok, let's crack right into it. Below you can click the link to open your Training Programs' Spreadsheet. This is a live Google Sheet, so I'd advise you to 'make a copy' and save it to your device as soon as possible.

How to read your program...

At the top of your program you'll see the Scope, or program overview, this will give you an idea as to the texture of the training program. I like to look at the Scope so I can see how everything fits into the bigger picture. See the example below...


From the top...

Phase. Each phase of training has a specific purpose relating to the overall objective. As coach, I want to maximise the efficiency of your training sessions with respect to your current fitness level and race goal. 

AboutProvides some information and somewhat of a rationale about your training phase.

Date. These are the specific dates relating to weeks in your program. 

Week. This is the week number of your training program. There are 12 in total. You can match these weeks up with the more detailed program Sequence (below). 

Other racing. Here I offer ideas for practice races that could help you prepare for your main event. A practice race also helps to break your program up. It keeps it training interesting and helps you stay engaged. 

Weeks to go. This is the countdown to your big event and any applicable practice races along the way. I know 12 weeks seems long but these races have a habit of creeping up on you. Stay on top of it. 

Things to note...

1. Light week every 4th week. This allows some rest and respite from the rigours of regular training. I like to make the 'missing session' the weekend Long Run, this gives you something to look forward to.

2. Training days are spaced out. Running is very taxing on your body, you'll need days off to recover from training sessions. Even my Advanced programs (5 days per week) has the sessions evenly spaced out to give you the best chance of staying the course and not getting injured or fatigued.

3. Quarterly training cycle. You'll notice under Tuesday workouts it says "(Squad 3)," for example. This means that your following my universal Online Running Squad training program. Your program will vary around your race times however. 

4. Gradual increase. This is particularly obvious in Sunday's LSD (long slow distance) run, or Long Run. We must slowly increase our training load and tread carefully to avoid injury. 

5. Repetition. This program is cyclical and sessions are often repeated. This is the best way to prepare yourself for the rigours of racing in the half marathon. 

Below the Scope, there's a specific day-by-day Sequence with detailed descriptions of day's workouts and areas for comments, Strava links and the all important countdown to race day. See below...


Link to your programs...

Here's a link to your training programs, click below. (Don't forget to save your own copy to your device.)


Hit the "Contact Us" button below and get in touch, I'm happy to walk you through the program and explain any of your queries, qualms or quandaries. Hit me up, click below...


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