“Over the years I’ve tried many personal trainers to guide me in reaching my fitness goals. The diversity and intensity of Sean’s training program has enabled me to shed the niggling kg’s, increase my muscle tone and improve my overall fitness in just 3 months. I’ve also entered my first Half Marathon!” Charlotte Juhasz – PR Manager, Woods Bagot.

“I lost 10 kg’s in 10 weeks! Training a training program with Bowes Fitness, I was able to lose 10 kg’s to make weight for my corporate boxing match. Sean’s experience was instrumental in stripping the final few kg’s off me prior to weigh in.” Michael Boyle, Stockbroker.

“Since training with Sean I’ve never felt stronger. I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t know existed. Sessions are varied but guaranteed to be fun and ferocious. I am looking forward to showing off my guns on my wedding day.” Vanessa Long – Marketing Manager, ING Direct.

“Sean mixes it up each week, which means you learn a lot, but he also keeps it interesting and enjoyable. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. Though his training I’ve learnt things that I can apply to my own training program.” Rory Charlston – National Partner Manager, Nokia Australia.

“My body has changed dramatically, I feel stronger through all of the muscle groups. Sean has changed my views about the value of personal training.” Caroline O’Brien, UNSW Academic

“I bettered my Marathon time by 28 minutes in 3 months under Sean’s guidance. Enough said.” Adam Franklin – Marketing Manager, Bluewire Media.

“Sean has helped restore the fun and discipline into my fitness regime.” David Croft – Former Wallaby and 116 Super Rugby Games for the Queensland Reds.

“When I first started training with Sean my fitness level was low and recovery between sets was long. After 6 months of Sean tailoring the workouts for ME – my strength, fitness level and endurance have improved significantly. I would recommend Sean to anyone who wants to kick start and/or maintain their personal fitness. He’s the sort of trainer who will challenge and motivate you with interesting exercises while also being a great guy who doesn’t act like a drill sergeant.” Christina Birtles – Presenter on the Weather Channel.

“After two months of serious bingeing (X’mas, New Years and 3 weeks celebrating my 40th all around the world), Sean got hold of me and within 4 weeks he had pummelled me back to near peak fitness and 5 kilos lighter.” Gareth Anderson – Advertising Executive, Momentum Worldwide.