One and Done! Marathon Bucket Listers, how to get it right first time

Let me guess, you’re a Marathon Bucket Lister, you’re in the grip of a hectic marathon preparation? And like most participants, you’re starting feel a bit ‘over it.’ With blisters on your feet, tight hips, sniffles and missed the last two Friday nights with the boys/girls because you had training early the next morning? (Or instead missed training and not the Friday night? Hey, caaarm on.) You’re … [Read more...]

How To Run Faster With Just One Session A Week

It seems everyone is talking about High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, a the moment. This ‘new’ fad has really taken the fitness world by storm. Well. Not really. HIIT or more simply ‘intervals’ have been around since God was a boy, during the 1880s English distance runner Walter George was using High Intensity Interval Training in preparation for his 4:12 mile (in 1886!!!). Not to … [Read more...]

Reality Check

Warm up It’s 2002, the football season is well underway and my boys, Collingwood are coming off a momentous three-point victory to the previous year’s premier, Brisbane. A Brisbane resident at the time, I scoured The Courier Mail during the week following with gusto as my team appeared to have finally turned the corner and announced themselves as contenders for real. Full of confidence and hope … [Read more...]

Starting Again

Training? Here we go again. 2016 is here already. How much ground do you need to make up? Did you stay on top of your fitness regime throughout the holiday break? When the morning sunshine of early January hits your face Rod Stewart-style and the pressure to face up to a new year sets in, I wonder, what action will you take? Moreover, how will you approach your fitness program? Will you see it … [Read more...]

4 men, 42 kilometres, 4 war stories

Some call it “the toughest challenge in sports,” others label it’s “the hardest thing they’ve ever attempted,” to race and finish a marathon is respectable in any language. I can report the successful bids of several Bowes Fitness charges in the recent Sunshine Coast Marathon. Words don’t do justice to the heroic efforts of but four men who braved the hot, hilly and windy Queensland asphalt on … [Read more...]

Buddha’s Athletic Trifecta

When I was growing up in the great decade of the 1990s, an unfortunate part of my existence was the perennially low ladder position of my football team, Collingwood. We got a premiership early, in 1990, celebrated for five years, then spent the remainder of the decade entrenched at the foot of the ladder. The top teams during the 90s were West Coast, North Melbourne and Adelaide, who claimed two … [Read more...]

Ethical Preparation and Winning

I recently accepted the task of coaching (online) a new charge for the Gold Coast Marathon. He’d seen me present a talk on running training at a workshop and thought I had a clue. So we discussed his goal, age, experience and time commitment and I drew up a program to get him there. After I’d sent the email his response went: “Hey Bowesy, thanks for the program. It looks awesome and super … [Read more...]

Self Assessment Before Self Harm

Bowes Fitness Pre Session Self Assessment Template FREE download, click here. Anyone who trains (or does anything regularly) knows that on certain days you feel good, bad or indifferent about the workload ahead, and for a variety of reasons. Your legs are killing from the squat set you did on Monday, you have young children and haven’t had a decent sleep since the French and Indian War or you … [Read more...]

Non Negotiable Elements of the Program

Since we all want results and progress from our physical training regimes it’s important to consider our training programming for peak performance. I spoke recently about various approaches to appease the need to peak for a particular event and whether we should use the ‘peaks and troughs’ or ‘stay up and about’ all year strategy. My personal preference is, go down to come up, but it’s entirely … [Read more...]

When To Be On?

It’s common for people to start training to get in shape for a particular occasion or event. Often I hear the cries of, “I’ve got to be fit for...whatever).” It’s the same for all levels of sport, so far as I’ve noticed, the big day is when an athlete wants to be at their best and ready to fire. Whatever your big day is, we all agree, we want to be going well when it really matters. Then the … [Read more...]