Buddha’s Athletic Trifecta

When I was growing up in the great decade of the 1990s, an unfortunate part of my existence was the perennially low ladder position of my football team, Collingwood. We got a premiership early, in 1990, celebrated for five years, then spent the remainder of the decade entrenched at the foot of the ladder. The top teams during the 90s were West Coast, North Melbourne and Adelaide, who claimed two … [Read more...]

Ethical Preparation and Winning

I recently accepted the task of coaching (online) a new charge for the Gold Coast Marathon. He’d seen me present a talk on running training at a workshop and thought I had a clue. So we discussed his goal, age, experience and time commitment and I drew up a program to get him there. After I’d sent the email his response went: “Hey Bowesy, thanks for the program. It looks awesome and super … [Read more...]

Self Assessment Before Self Harm

Bowes Fitness Pre Session Self Assessment Template FREE download, click here. Anyone who trains (or does anything regularly) knows that on certain days you feel good, bad or indifferent about the workload ahead, and for a variety of reasons. Your legs are killing from the squat set you did on Monday, you have young children and haven’t had a decent sleep since the French and Indian War or you … [Read more...]

Non Negotiable Elements of the Program

Since we all want results and progress from our physical training regimes it’s important to consider our training programming for peak performance. I spoke recently about various approaches to appease the need to peak for a particular event and whether we should use the ‘peaks and troughs’ or ‘stay up and about’ all year strategy. My personal preference is, go down to come up, but it’s entirely … [Read more...]

When To Be On?

It’s common for people to start training to get in shape for a particular occasion or event. Often I hear the cries of, “I’ve got to be fit for...whatever).” It’s the same for all levels of sport, so far as I’ve noticed, the big day is when an athlete wants to be at their best and ready to fire. Whatever your big day is, we all agree, we want to be going well when it really matters. Then the … [Read more...]

Heat, What Heat?

In these early months, January and February especially, a temperature increase makes for less than ideal training conditions. Depending of course on your perspective, if you like a shirts off, glistening in the sun, training in front of a scenic backdrop à la Patrick Swayze in Road House, then Down Under this time of year really is your packet o’ biscuits. It’s real steamy down here, and hats off … [Read more...]

Give It Time

I spoke last week about starting off your fitness year and the importance of sticking with the program and giving it time to reach a resolution. We all know there’s a number of ways to get ourselves in shape with every athlete having their preferred method. This is great. A good boxing coach once told me, “Whatever works for ya,” as justification of boys choosing different ways to train. In my … [Read more...]

Starting Out, Soreness, Sticking Fat

The start to the year has arrived and with it new enthusiasm for another launch into a health and fitness regime. It’s beautiful to see people getting back into routine and facing the training programs usually put on hold over the Christmas period. There’s plenty to get excited about with summer Ocean Swim Series races on all over the place and only a few months until the winter road running … [Read more...]

The ‘No Excuses’ Football Club

I got a ‘bake’ last week. A red-hot Ron Barassi style ‘spray.’ Whatever you want to call it, I was taken to task about my lack of Fit Chat distribution over the past few months. It’s flattering that people have noticed my absence and even better, they’re prepared to put me on the spot and ridicule my recent lack of “web presence.” Put simply, the effort has been sub standard, there’s no other … [Read more...]

Systematic, Progressive, Hard

It’s really difficult to define what a training program should be. There’s many different theories about what works best, over how much time and how many times you should do it. Who knows? I don’t. How can anyone know what the best training is for the next man, woman or child? Last week I heard the great Sebastian Coe talking about his own training during his developing and competition years of … [Read more...]