Badgers Shine In Budgie Bolt for Youngcare


Last Friday was the reunification of the mighty Bondi Honey Badgers. We raced in the inaugural G.I.O. Youngcare Budgie Bolt. Basically you were a pair of swimming togs (chunga’s) and run 5km in the C.B.D. while office jocks are making their way to work and I can tell you that they didn’t mind giving the the runners a spray for the minimal kit. Both men and women competed and raised around $100,000 for the great charity, Youngcare, that helps young people who required full-time care. It was a great morning and the running was slick but more importantly the Honey Badgers placed 5th on the overall money raised. Fortunately I was able to win the race and bagged a framed pair of yellow Budgie Smugglers. Living!