About Us

I’m Sean Bowes, Fitness Australia accredited Personal Trainer and Boxing Australia qualified level 1 Boxing Coach. I come from a sporting family and have always been involved in sports, reaching success in boxing and running. I represented Australia in boxing, competing in European and Oceania Tournaments. I now compete in distance running, completing the Melbourne Marathon in 2:26:58 in 2012 and the Sydney Half Marathon in 1:09:55 in 2013.

My training business started small in my home town of Brisbane, just training some friends for boxing and fitness. That transformed into renting my own gym space, getting full accreditation and building a steady client base. Since those early days as a primarily boxing focussed gym, our training has developed to include more running and weight training programs.

I’ve been working in Sydney since 2010. The aim is perpetual improvement and goal achievement for clients and myself.

Boxing Training


Personal Training:  A personalised fitness program that is specific, goal driven and realistic can be organised for any athlete. Contact us for more info.

Group Training: Cost effective way to reach a good fitness level. Contact us for more info.

Marathon Program: If a marathon is on your Bucket List we’ve got the program for you. Tried and tested by me personally over the last six years, my marathon programs will get you to the finish line in the time possible.

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